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Book I:


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§ 33 SOUNDS OF R and S

The letters in the key-words Are sounded like: In English words:
r r run
r no sound similiar in English, see note
s s so, alas
sh sh shall, lash

NOTE—The sound of "r" is never slurred over as in the words "firm, warm, farm", etc., as correctly pronounced in English. The sign "r" presents the "r" words as run, rage, row, etc. The sign "r" represents a peculiar Irish sound, midway between the "r" of "carry" and the "zz" of "fizz". The learner may pronounce it as an ordinary English "r" until he has learned the exact sound from a speaker of Irish. Note that "s" is never pronounced "z" or "sh" as in the English words "was", "occasion", etc.

§ 34 The Irish Letters r and s

r broad is sounded like r in §33 above
r slender ¹ is sounded like r in §33 above
s broad is sounded like s in §33 above
s slender is sounded like sh in §33 above

§35 Vocabulary

ag (og)², preposition, at
bog (bug), soft
bróg (brōg) a shoe
dún (dhoon), noun, a fort
fada (fhod-ă), long
fág (faug), verb
fós (fōs), yet, still, also
(shae), he
(shee), she
stól (sthōl), a stool
te (te)³ hot, warm
tír (teer), country, land
tirim (tir'-im), dry

1. At the beginning of a word, r is never pronounced r
2. Before a consontant, or a slender vowel, ag is usually pronounced (eg)
3. Almost like che in cheese.

note that
are not
necessarily pronounced
as in English

See § 13-16

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