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Book I:


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§ 78. What the effect of the Munster lengthening of the vowel sounds is, can be seen from the following table. We do not pretend to give all the shades of pronunciations of various parts of Munster.

  Conn. W Munster E. Munster
mall (moL) (mouL) (ma'-ouL)
dall (dhoL) (dhouL) (dha'-ouL)
am (om) (oum) (a'-oum)
crann (kroN) (krouN) (kra'-ouN)
im (im) (eem) (eim)
mill (mil) (meel) (meil)
cinn (kin) (keen) (keing)
binn (bin) (been) (being)
poll (pōL) (pouL) (pouL)
trom (thrŭm) (throum) (throum)
donn (dhŭN) (dhouN) (dhouN)

§ 79. In the phonetic key will be found the sounds to be given to "on" and "el". The East Munster a-ou is pronounced rapidly. Sometimes the sound of oo is given in Munster to o; as, anonn, over (in Connaught ăn-ŭN, in Munster ăn-ooN), as ag dul anonn, going over.

§ 80. We can now introduce many familiar words involving these prolonged vowel sounds. In the table above (§78), we have given the pronunciation of some, viz —

am, time im butter
binn, sweet mall, slow
crann, a tree mill, destroy
dall, blind poll, a hole
donn, brown-haired trom, heavy

§ 81. Milis = sweet to taste ; binn = sweet to hear



note that
are not
necessarily pronounced
as in English

See § 13-16

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