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Book 2:


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exercise XLVII

§ 283. Sound of BH and MH continued

As we have seen, and at the end of words are sounded as v, as láṁ (Lauv), the hand; naoṁ (Naev), a saint. When a termination is added to such words, the v sound remains, as láṁa (Lauv'- ă), hands; naoṁṫa (Naev/-hă), sanctified.

§ 284. But as a rule, and broad, anywhere except at the end of words, are sounded like w.

§ 285. This w sound unites with the previous vowel sound; thus, aḃ, aṁ are sounded like (ou) in our phonetic key; oḃ, oṁ, like (ō); uḃ, uṁ are like (oo); eaḃ, eaṁ like (ou).

aḃ, aṁ in Ulster = ō, in parts of Munster = oo.

§ 286 Words

aḃainn (ou'-in), a river
caḃair (kou'-ir), help
Dóṁnall (dhōn'- ăL), Donal, Daniel
gaḃa (gou- ă), a blacksmith
roṁat (rō'-ăth), before thee
muilionn (mwil'-iN), a mill
gan (gon), without
gaḃar (gou'-ăr) a goat
leaḃar (lou'-ăr), a book
siuḃal (shoo'-ăl), walking
uḃall (oo'-ăL), an apple

§287. Translate into English

  • Ḃí muilionn ar an aḃainn, agus ḃí Dóṁnall ag obair ins an muilionn.
  • Fuair Dómhnall ubhall ins an eorna, ins an muilionn ar an abhainn.
  • Atá iasgaire ag suibhal síos do’n abhainn anois.
  • Atá an gabha ag obair ins an muilionn.
  • Cuir do leabhar in do phóca.
  • Thug Diarmuid an leabhar do Niall.
  • Ní fhuair sé leabhar ar bith uiam.
  • Fosgail an leabhar mór.
  • Ní raibh an muilionn ag obair, bhí an abhainn gan uisge.

§ 288. Translate into Irish

  • There is a large salmon below in the river.
  • Donal did not get a salmon in the river, he got a little trout from the fisherman.
  • There is an apple growing above at the door.
  • There are a cow and a goat below in the meadow.
  • I have not a book in my bag, my book is in the barn.
  • A thousand welcomes to you!
  • There is not any blacksmith (gaḃa ar biṫ) in the place.
  • The blacksmith gave no help to Niall.
  • The story is not in the book.


note that
are not
necessarily pronounced
as in English

See § 13-16


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