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Book 2:


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exercise lxxx

§ 464. We have already seen that atá cóta nuaḋ ar Art (a new coat is on Art) is the Irish way of saying that Art is wearing a new coat. Thus also all sorts of burdens are said to be on a person, not only actul burdens of any sort, but such burderns as grief, trouble, anxiety, anger, pain, hunger, thirst, etc.

§ 465. Examples

ocras (ŭk'-răs) hunger
tuirse (thursă) weariness
tart (thart) thirst
ualaċ (oo'-ăl-ăCH) a load, a burden
orm (ŭrm) on me
ort (ŭrth) on thee
air (er) on him
uirri (er'-ĕ) on her
orrainn (ŭr'-en) on us
orraiḋ (ŭr'-ev) on ye
orr (ŭr'-ă) on them

§ 466.Translate into English

  • Atá ocras ar Niall, atá tart ar Nóra
  • Taḃair beoċ do’n leanḃ, atá tart mór air.
  • Ní ḟuil tart orm anois, fuair mé deoċ uisge ṡios ag an tobar.
  • An ḃfuil ocras ort?
  • Ní ḟuil, aċt atá tart orm, taḃair deoċ ḋom.
  • A Ḋiarmuid, taḃair an feur so do’n láir, atá ocras uirri.
  • Ní ḟuil tart ar an láir úd, aċt atá ocras ar an asal óg so.
  • Ná cuir uilaċ mór ar an asal úd, atá tuirse air anois, ḃí sé ag an margaḋ agus ualaċ mór ciorce ar a ḋruim.
  • An ḃfuil tuirse ort? Suiḋ síós.

§ 467. Translate into Irish

Atá tuirse orm I am tired  
Leig do sgíth rest yourself (leg dhŭ shgeeh)
  • Open the door, we are tired; we are coming from Armagh.
  • I am not ired, but there is a pain in my back.
  • John is hungry, Mary is thirsty, Dermot is tired, Nora is sick.
  • I am very hungry (great hunger is on me)
  • Were ye very thirsty yesterday?
  • We were, but we got a drink at that little well.
  • That well is cold and wholesome.
  • Dermot and Teig were in that place yesterday, adn they were tired when they came home at (in the) night.
  • Are you tired?
  • I am not tired today. I was tired yesterday.


note that
are not
necessarily pronounced
as in English

See § 13-16


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