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Book 2:


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exercise LXXIV

§ 478.

hurry, haste deifir (def'-ĕr) Conn and and Ulster
deiṫneas (leh'-ĕn-ăs) Munster
deaḃaḋ (d you'-ă) Thomond

Many other words are also used. Deun, deifir, deun deaḃaḋ, make haste, hurry.

§ 479. Bail ó Ḋia ort! God bless you (a blessing from god on thee). Often used as a salutation. Bail ó Ḋia ar an obair, God bless the work! Níl bail air, he is not doing well (used of sickness, etc)

§ 480. Cad 'tá ort? What is on you? (what is the matter with you?) Caidé 'tá ort? Ceurd 'tá ort?

§ 481. "What" is translated in Munster by cad (kodh), in most of Ulster by caidé (kŭ-dae'), often -dae'), in Connaught usually by ceurd (k-yeardh) or (k-yae).

§ 482. Translate into English

  • Le, with; leis an, with the. (Compare ins an, in the.)
  • Atá an ḃean ag dul síos an bóṫar, agus atá deifir ṁór uirri.
  • Cad ‘tá ort, a ḃean ċóir?
  • Atá tinneas hór ar mo ṁaṫair.
  • Ní raiḃ deifir ar biṫ orra, nuair ḃí siad ag dul a ḃaile indé.
  • Taḃair beoċ uisge ḋom, a Ṡeumuis, agus deun deifir; atá mé caillte leis an tart.
  • Ċuaiḋ mo ḃó a ḃaile deis an asal.

§ 473. Translate into Irish

  • God save ye!
  • Ye are in a great hurry today, what is the matter with ye?
  • We are working at the lake.
  • Did you see the boat on the lake?
  • A boat went over to the island this morning; there was a white sail on it, and there was a hole in the sail.
  • Put another boat on the river.
  • The big river is full, the little river is dry now.
  • Were ye seasick wen the ship was going over the Scotland?
  • No, but we were very hungry.
  • The blood is warm yet, the flesh is soft.
  • That big dog is hungry.
  • No, but he is sick.


note that
are not
necessarily pronounced
as in English

See § 13-16


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