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Book 2:


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exercise LXVII

§ 449. If an adjective accompanies the noun, the words so, sin, are placed after the ajective, as an stól beag so, this little stool. If two or more adjectives accompany the noun, so or sin is placed last of all; as, an túirne beag trom sin; an tír [?] áluinn so.

§ 450. The word úd (oodh) is used after nouns int he same way as so and sin, as ar fear úd, and oiḋċe úd, an áit úd. The word úd is never used except with a thing connected in some way with the person to whom you speak or write, as, an fear úd, that man whom you have seen or heard of; an oiḋċe úd, that night you remember; an áit úd, that place you know well.

In Ulster, the word you is used in English just as it is in English.

arís (ă-reesh') again
riaṁ (ree'-ăv) ever (in the past)

§ 451 Translate into English

  • Ná cuir an gual duḃ úd ar an tiene.
  • Cuir an breac mór ins an mála, aċt cuir an breac beag úd ins an aḃainn.
  • Ṫáinig an fear óg so a ḃaile anois, ḃí sé in Albain.
  • Hí ḟaca mé an tír sin siaṁ, ní raiḃ mé in Albain fós.
  • Fuair mé andiallaid so ins an siopa.
  • Atá an geiṁreaḋ so fuar go leor anois.

§ 452. Translate into Irish

  • I was not in that house, but you were in the house.
  • This man was not in my house.
  • I was going to Derry that night, but I came home again.
  • I was never in that place.
  • Where you ever on this lake?
  • I was never on Lough Mask, but I was on Lough Owell, and I was on that little island.
  • There is a big tree gorwing in that island.
  • That big tree is not growing on the island now.
  • I gave that shilling to Nora.
  • That winter was cold, that autumn was warm.
  • I was in the house that morning.


note that
are not
necessarily pronounced
as in English

See § 13-16


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