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Book 2:


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exercise LXXXII

§ 471. Aspiration of the adjective

When an adjective follows a feminine noun in the nominative or objective case, the first consonant of the adjective is aspirated. Thus —

bean ṁór (ban Wōr) a big woman
an ḃean ṁór (van Wōr) the big woman
atá an ḃean mór ag an tobar The big woman is at the well

But áit ḟollám (ŭL'-aun), a healthy place; atá an ḃean ḟionn (iN) ag an tobar, the fair-haired woman is at the well; ní ḟuil Nóra ḃeag ag an doras, little Nora is not at the door. Atá an ḃean ṁór (Wōr) so ruaḋ, this big woman is red-haired. etc.

§ 472. Words

ċuiḋ (CHoo'ee) went
cuṁa (koo'-ă) loneliness
fiacail (fee'-ăK-ăl) a tooth
fuaċt (foo'-ăCHth) cold
slaġdan (sLei'-dhaun) a cold
déideaḋ (due'-doo) a cold
tinneas fiacal   toothache
tinneas fairrge   sea-sickness

§ 473. Translate into English

  • Atá nóra ḃeag in a luiġe; fuair sí fuaċt agus atá slaġdán uirri.
  • An fhiacail so agus an fhiacail úd.
  • ní fhuil ocras orm, atá tinneas fiacal orm anois.
  • Chuaidh Máire go h-Albain, agus atá cumha uirri anois.
  • Atá cumhaar Dhiarmuid, atá a mhac ag dul go tír eile.

§ 474. Translate into Irish

  • I have a cold, I am not hungry, I am thirsty, give me a drink.
  • The little mare is thirsty.
  • She is not hungry, she got hay and oats now.
  • The white cow is in the meadow.
  • Are you afraid? No, but I am sick, I have the toothache today, as the weather is cold and wet.
  • Dermot O'Kelly was standing at the door, and he got cold in his head (in a cheann).
  • Nora is lonely, her mother died and her brother and her sister went to a another country.
  • Do not stand on the road, the road is wet and you have a cold already (cheana)



note that
are not
necessarily pronounced
as in English

See § 13-16


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