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Book 3:


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exercise CXIII

§ 643. "Cormac is strong", can be translated (1) atá Cormac in a ḟear láidir, the meaning of which is, that Cormac has become a strong man, (2) or, is fear láidir é, he is a strong man. Here we take Cormac as we find him, and do not convey that he was at one time not so strong. Ths emphasis in this sentence is on the adjective, láidir, and to make this emphasis more marked the words are usually placed in a different orer, (3) is láidir an fear é. Here notice the use of the article, as in our usual, Anglo-Irish, "Is not he the strong man".

§ 644 Proverbs

Is maiṫ an sgeulaiḋe (shgael-ee, Munster, shgael-ee') an aimsir. Time is a good story-teller.
is faur an rud (rudh) clú (kloo) gan caraid (kor'-ăd). Fame without a friend is a cold thing.
Is maiṫ an t-annlann (oN'-LăN) an t-ocras. Hunger is a good sauce.
Fad' é ṡoin (fodh ō hin) long ago, long since then; ó ṡoin, ago; fad' ó is also used = long ago.

§ 645. Translate into English

  • Cad é sin amuigh ar an mbóthar? Ní'l fhios agam.
  • An duine é. Ní duine é, atá sé só-mhór, is capall é.
  • Cia thú féin, amuigh ag an doras, an fear nó bean thú?
  • Atá Cormac 'na fhear mhór láidir anois.
  • Feuch an loch úd, atá sé 'na loch anois, acht bhí sé 'na mhóinfheur nó 'na leuna fiche bliadhain ó shoin.

§ 646. Translate into Irish

  • Is this a horse or a mare? It is a young horse, the mare is outside in the field, below at the old well.
  • See that wall, is that a house or an old fort? Is was an old fort long ago, but now it is a big house.
  • Do you understand Irish? I do.
  • Is that Irish or English?
  • The lamb is growing up, it will be a good sheep yet.
  • Will you be at the fair tomorrow? We shall have a good fair.


note that
are not
necessarily pronounced
as in English

See § 13-16


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