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Book 3:


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exercise XCVIII

To Need, to want

§ 545. "I want a book" is often translated atá leaḃar uaim, there is a book from me. So, cad 'tá uait? What do you want? Distinguish cad 'tá uait from cad 'tá ort, already given.

§ 546.

uaim oo'-ĕm from me
uait oo'-ĕt from thee
uaiḋ oo'-ei from him
uaiṫi oo'-ah'-yĕ from her
uainn oo'-ĕn from us
uaiḃ oo'-ev from you
uaṫa oo'-ă-hă from them

In Connaught shortened to:

wem wen
wet wev
wei wō-hă

§ 547. Translate into English

  • An bhfuil airgead auti? Ní'l; atá airgead agam, dhíol mé bó ar an aonach indé, agus fuair mé fiche punt uirri.
  • Cad 'tá auit?
  • Atá capall uaim.
  • Atá sinn ab obair indiu agus ní'l capall againn.
  • An bhfuair tú an fheoil mhaith úd ar an margadh?
  • Fuair mé; cheannuigh mé an t-asán agus an fheoil so indé.
  • An bhfaca tú an baile mór atá ar an Muaidh?
  • Chonnaic mé; Baile an Átha—sin an t-ainm atá air.

§ 548. Translate into Irish

  • I want that horse you have; what is the price for him?
  • The blacksmith bought a little black mare at the fiar and he went home that night.
  • He wanted a saddle, and he bought a new saddle in the shop.
  • He bought a bridle for a pound and he went out with the mare.
  • He did not come back yet.
  • Is your son well? He is well, thanks be to god.
  • What did he give for the barley?
  • He bought a sack of barley at the market, and he bought a bag of oats when he was coming home.

§ 549. PHrases

Slán leat! Goodbye. Answer: Go dtéiḋ tú slán (dae'-ee thoo sLaun) may you go home safe. This is one form. The more usual form has a religious element: beannaċt leat a blessing with thee. Answer: Go soirḃiġiḋ (ser-vee) Dia ḋuit, may God prosper (all your care) for you. There are also other forms of answer. When speaking to more than one person say liḃ for leat, and ḋiḃ (yeev) for ḋuit.

note that
are not
necessarily pronounced
as in English

See § 13-16


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