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Book 3:


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exercise CII

§ 567. We are not children = Ní'limid in ar bpáisdiḃ (baushdiv) lit in our children. You are not good men, ní'l siḃ in ḃur ḃfearaiḃ (var'-ăv) maiṫe in your good men. They are not good boys, ní'lid in a mbuaċailliḃ (moo'-ăCH-ăl-iv) maiṫe.

§ 568. Ar, our; ḃur, your; a, their, cause eclipsis, as already stated. Contractions—in ar to 'nar; in ḃur to 'nḃur (Noor), in a to 'na.

§ 569. Note the form of the plural nouns used AFTER PREPOSITIONS. The ending is -aiḃ or -iḃ (both pronounced iv) When the last vowel of the noun is broad (a, o, u) the ending -aiḃ is used, as bád, bádaiḃ, fearaiḃ, capallaiḃ, longaiḃ.

When the last vowel of the noun is slender, (e, i) the ending used is -iḃ, as cailíḃ, páirdiḃ, daoiniḃ, buaċailliḃ, áitiḃ.

§ 570. Adjectives with plural nouns have a plural form. Those ending in a vowel are unchanged; as atá Nialla gus Art 'na ḃfearaiḃ fada. Those ending in a consonant add a in the plural if the vowel before the last consonant is a, o, u, as móra, árda, etc. But if the vowel before the last consonant is e or i the plural is formed by adding e.; as láidire, maiṫe.

§ 571. Compound Words

When two words are put together to make one (like English grand-father, newspaper, etc) the first consonant of the second word is aspirated.

sean-aṫair grand-father  
sean-ṁaṫair grandmother  
sean-ḟear old man shan'-ar
sean-ḃean old woman shan'-van
sean-ċapall old horse shan'-CHop-ăL
sean-ṗíopa old pipe  

§ 572. When the first word ends in n, and the second begins with d or t, there is no aspiration.

sean-duine old person shan'-dhin-ĕ
sean-tír old land  
sean-diuidín old pipe shan'-dyoo-deen
sean-teaċ old house Connaught
sean-toiġ old house, shanty shan'-thee
sean-dún old fort hence, Shandon




note that
are not
necessarily pronounced
as in English

See § 13-16


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