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Book 3:


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Exercise CXII

§ 639. We have seen that the real difference between is and atá consists in this, that is means is always and atá means is now, implying a state. Thus is fear é, he is a man. Notice (I) the position of the words (I) is, (2) the noun which in the English sentence follows the verb to be, (3) the nominative issue. Is fear é means "he is a man", and not a woman. Is fear Seumas, is bean Nóra; or, more usually, is fear é Seumas, is bean í Nóra. But atá sé in a ḟear, "he is a man", means "he is now (or has grown to be) a man, is no longer a boy".

So, is buine mé, I am a person, not an irrational animal, or thing. But we should hardly say atá sé 'na ḋuine, he is (now, or has become) a person, because one does not become a person. We can say atá sé 'na duine ṁaiṫ, he is a good person, because a person can become good.

§ 640. Naċ, not , used in sentences with the verb is where a question is asked. The verb is is, aas after other particles, left out. Naċ tú an fear? Are you not you the man? Is mé, I am. Naċ í sin an ḃean? Is í, Is not that the woman? It is.

§ 641. Translate into English

  • Feuch an bád beag ar an loch, nach deas é?
  • Is áluinn an tír í so.
  • Ní maith an bóthar é sin.
  • An loch nó fairrge an t-uisge úd?
  • Nach deas an sgeul é sin atá ins an leabhar nuadh so?
  • Is deas; agus is maith an sgeul é.
  • Is breagh an bhó í sin atá 'na seasamh ins an abhainn.
  • Nach milis an t-uisge atá ins an tobar úd?
  • Is an mhilis í, go deimhin. Is críonna an bhean í.

§ 642. Translate into Irish

  • Did you see the new mill below at the river? I did , it is a fine mill.
  • That is a beautiful lake, and is not that a pretty green island in the lake?
  • That is a bright light.
  • This is not a dark night.
  • Is not that a little lamb? Yes, he has no wool yet.
  • It is a warm morning.
  • That is not a long story.

note that
are not
necessarily pronounced
as in English

See § 13-16


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