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Book 3:


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exercise XCVI

Price, buying, and selling

§ 534. "What is the price of that lamb" is translated into Irish by cad atá ar an uan sin, what is on that lamb, or cia an luaċ (Loo'-ăCH) atá ar an uan sin, What (is) the price which is on that lamb. As if the price were marked on the article.

§ 535. So to buy a thing for or at at certain price is expressed in Irish by to buy it on that price, as, fuair sé an leaḃar sin ar sgiling, he got that book for a shilling.

To buy and sell

§ 536. Diol an capall, sell the horse; ḋíol tú (yeel) an capall, you sold the horse. Ceanniuġ an capall (kaN'-ee) buy the horse; ċeannuiġ sé an capall (h-yaN'-ee), he bought the horse; fuair sé, he got; ní ḟuair, did not get; ṫug sé, he gave; ní ṫug sé, he did not give; an dtug (dhug) , did you give.

§ 537. Translate into English

  • Dia dhuit , a Nóra! Dia 's Muire dhuit, a Aoidh!
  • An raibh tú ag an margadh indiu, bail ó Dhia ort?
  • Bhí mé, go deimhin agus fuair mé an cliabh breagh so.
  • Cheannuigh mé cathaoir bheag ar sgilling.
  • An bhfuair tusa an capall úd indiu?
  • Fuair, thug mé fiche punt air; agus fuair mé an bhó so, agus thug mé fiche punt eile uirri.
  • Ná ceannuigh tobac leis an sgilling sin, acht ceannuigh leabhar maith uirri.
  • Dhíol mé an t-asal beag agus cheannuigh mé caora mhór in a áit; atá olann uirri, agus atá an olann daor anois.
  • Thug Murchadh an iomarca ar an láir sin, agus atá aithmheula air anois.
  • Ná tabhair an iomarca ar an uan.

§ 538. Translate into Irish

  • Miles O'Reilly bought a young mare and gave enough for her.
  • Hugh bought twenty sheep yesterday, he gave 20 pounds for them.
  • I gave twenty shillings for that lamb.
  • Do not buy that wine, I bought wine yesterday and it had a bad taste.
  • The child bought a yellow apple for a penny, he bought this small apple for a half-penny.
  • Do you know Cormac Finegan? I do, I saw him yesterday and he bought a fine horse from me (uaim).
  • He gave to me (dom) twetny pounds for him.
  • I bought a book yesterday for a crown (ar ċoríon) in that shop.
  • The blacksmith bought a hammer for a shilling.
  • I have a great respect for Hugh.
  • Dermot bought a creel from me for twenty pounds, he did not give me the money.
  • I saw him yesterday and he was ashamed.
  • You gave to me too much for this book.

note that
are not
necessarily pronounced
as in English

See § 13-16


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